ENCE advance to grand final of ESL Pro League eliminating NIP

The first finalists have been decided.

The fifth day of the playoff at ESL Pro League has started, and the first semifinal has come to a close.

ENCE faced NIP. Previously, ENCE took down Movistar Riders and fnatic, while NIP defeated Liquid.

ENCE enter the grand final of ESL Pro League
ENCE enter the grand final of ESL Pro League

The match started with Nuke, picked by ENCE. And the Finnish squad proved that Nuke is one of their best maps. They annihilated NIP on the T side, making it 12-3. The Swedish team tried to return to the game after the sides switched but didn’t cope with ENCE and lost the first map 16-10.

NIP chose Ancient. This map was much more competitive, but ENCE still won nine rounds in the first half. NIP came back just after the sides switched and made the score equal. However, ENCE didn’t hesitate and, after a difficult half, took a win with a score of 16-14.

ENCE advance to the grand final, while NIP leave the event with 3-4th.