ENCE advance to the Legends Stage; Eternal Fire leave PGL Major Antwerp

The third day of the Challengers Stage has come to a close.

The last matches of the third day of the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Challengers Stage, and another team advanced to the Legends stage.

The first match of the last pair was the confrontation between ENCE and Bad News Eagles. Both teams had 2-1 on their record.

The match started with Dust 2, the Bad News Eagles' pick. However, ENCE did not give their opponents a chance in the first half of the map, ending it with a score of 12-3. Bad News Eagles were able to resist after the sides switched, but the Finns regained control of the game and won the map 16-13. ENCE picked Nuke and won 9 rounds on the T side. In the second half, the Finnish team performed with the same confidence and finished the match 16-9. The best player of the match was Spinx with a 7.1 rating.

ENCE join the Legends
ENCE join the Legends

In the second match, Eternal Fire fought with MIBR for survival.

Eternal Fire picked Vertigo and failed the first half. MIBR took 11 rounds on the CT side. After the sides switched, the Turkish team tried to return to the game, but MIBR did not allow them to do so and finished the map 16-13. The Brazilian team chose Nuke and won 6 rounds on the T side. However, after the sides switched, Eternal Fire could not show a confident performance and lost the map 16-11. The best rating was shown by JOTA - 7.1.

ENCE advance to the Legends Stage, Eternal Fire leave the event. At the same time, MIBR and Bad News Eagles are preparing for their final matches in the Challengers Stage.