ENCE are in playoffs; Cloud9 leave PGL Major Antwerp 2022

One more team go to the stage.

The third day of the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Legends Stage is over, and another team have made their way to the Champions Stage.

In the match for a spot in the playoffs, Heroic faced ENCE.

Overpass picked by Heroic was very competitive. Both halves ended with a score of 8-7, but Heroic won one extra round for each side and finished the map 16-14. The first half of the second map was also close, but after the sides switched, ENCE crushed the opponents with a score of 16-12. And on the decider, the Finnish team didn't give Heroic a chance and won 16-6. The highest rating was distinguished by dycha - 6.8.

ENCE are the fifth team in the playoffs
ENCE are the fifth team in the playoffs

In the survival match, Cloud9 faced Imperial.

The first map was the longest of the day. It took three overtime series to determine the winner, and Imperial finished the map 23-25. Cloud9 were able to answer on their pick by quickly finishing the map 16-9. However, on the decider, Cloud9 collapsed and lost 16-3. The best player of the match was fer with a rating of 7.3.

ENCE qualify for the playoffs, Cloud9 leave the tournament.