ENCE eliminate Copenhagen Flames in the opening match of Blast Showdown

Blast Premier Spring Showdown has started.

The European Blast Premier Spring Showdown 2022 has begun, and the first match of the event has come to a close.

In the opening standoff of the tournament, CPH Flames faced ENCE. The format of the event is unforgiving - single-elimination.

ENCE defeat CPH Flames
ENCE defeat CPH Flames

The match Vertigo and ENCE’s domination. The Finnish team won 11 rounds on the CT side of the opponents’ pick. CPH Flames tried to resist after the sides switched, but it was not enough, and ENCE won the map 16-7.

However, CPH Flames showed better performance on Mirage, picked by ENCE. They got 10 rounds on the CT side and continued to win in the second half. The map ended 16-10 in favor of the Danish team.

The decider was Ancient. ENCE started the map by seizing an early advantage, returning to the game. Copenhagen Flames weren’t able to stop the Finnish squad and lost the map 16-9.

ENCE advance to the semifinal, while Copenhagen Flames leave the event, taking 5-8th. The Finnish squad continue fighting for the spot at Blast Premier Spring Final 2022.