ENCE sweep forZe, will face NAVI in EPL S14 Ro8

ENCE sweep forZe, will face NAVI in EPL S14 Ro8

An unexpected run is still going.

A battle of the underdogs.

Neither expected both ENCE Esports and forZe to appear in the ESL Pro League Season 14 and yet both managed to make it to the Ro12, beating many favourites and even giving their respective group winners fits during the group stage.

Starting on Nuke, it was all about the European mix, which jumped to a five round lead at the break. Despite ENCE’s recent struggles on the defence, those did not appear tonight either, as they shut out forZe to clinch map one, “16-5”. Moving to Mirage, a map, where they had a massive win streak on, forZe looked to equalize, as they secured a first pistol round, but an anti-eco loss in the third gave ENCE Esports all the power to run away with the half, “11-4”. Switching to the defence, CIS squad tried to mount a yet another comeback, but the Finnish team upped the pace on their offence, closing it out with a “16-11” and a “2-0”.

forZe will now go and prepare for the IEM Fall, as they are seeking their return to the Major championship, while ENCE Esports will face Natus Vincere in the quarterfinal of the ESL Pro League Season 14.