ENCE move past G2 at IEM Fall Europe, to PGL Major Stockholm

A key victory.

Fourth quarterfinal of the event.

With NiP, Vitality and Astralis already in the semifinals, it was time for G2 Esports and ENCE Esports to battle for a chance to advance further and in the Finnish team’s case, guarantee themselves a trip to PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

Mirage, despite being G2 Esports’s pick, pushed ENCE Esports towards reaching that goal, as after a narrow lead on the defence, they stormed on the sites and demolished everything on their path on the offence, securing the map, “16-8”. A timely eco win after losing pistol round on Nuke allowed G2 to get back on track with a massive “13-2” lock down on the sites, as despite a late attempt at coming back, ENCE fell short, “7-16”. Moving to Dust2, a rare pick after a rework, ENCE looked in total control as G2 Esports had barely won five rounds in the first half, once they got reset after winning a pistol round. ENCE Esports hit match point first at “15-12” but G2 Esports still forced an overtime and then survived in the first one, but the second one was all about the Finnish team, as they won the game, “22-19” and the entire match, “2-1”.

ENCE Esports will now face off against Astralis for a chance to play in the IEM Fall Europe finals, while G2 Esports are going to play Fiend in the 5th-8th place bracket.