Endpoint will play IEM Fall Europe without "BOROS"

Endpoint will play IEM Fall Europe without "BOROS"

Not the best news for the upcoming team.

Another blow for the team.

Endpoint CeX, preparing to make a run during the IEM Fall Europe, the last RMR event towards qualifying for the PGL Major Stockholm 2021, will not be able to field a full lineup.

“BOROS”, who joined the British organization few months ago to replace “flameZ”, who was acquired by OG Esports, will miss the event in Sweden due to the visa issues, same problems which prevented few teams from the Middle East to come to the European events in other esport titles. Without him, it is going to be their new head coach, “Allan”, playing on the server, as Endpoint will try and overcome losing one of their best players.

The British team is going to begin their path towards the Major against Astralis on September 29th, following it with four more best of ones and a possible playoffs appearance.