Entropiq and BIG are in the semi-finals of V4 Future Sports Festival

The playoff bracket is finally decided.

V4 Future Sport Festival 2021 continues
V4 Future Sport Festival 2021 continues

V4 Future Sports Festival’s group stage has come to a close and now we know the playoff clashes. Today teams were battling for the semi-finals slot.

The first contenders were BIG and Fiend. Both maps of this standoff were intense but BIG were stronger and proceeded to the semi-finals of the V4 Future Sports Festival.

The second clash was between Entropiq and Enterprise. This pair of opponents needed three maps to decide the winner. However, the third map was quite predictable and ended with a score of 16-4 in favor of Entropiq.

The losers of both matches will start the playoff from the quarter-finals, which will be played tomorrow. The first matches of the playoff: GambitEnterprise, FiendMovistar Riders.