Entropiq win Malta Vibes Knockout Series 1

Entropiq win Malta Vibes Knockout Series 1

Not the easiest road to the championship.

One more tournament win for the CIS squads in the 2021 season.

Malta Vibes Knockout Series 1 finished with the mutliple matches, where anyone could win but a CIS team has prevailed once again.

Entropiq has barely scraped past Copenhagen Flames in the semifinals, as they needed to make a half buy work in the last round of regulation on Overpass to force the overtime and prevail there, while ENCE Esports looked absolutely doomed against Izako Boars in the other semifinal. The European mix was “0-1” down and “4-14” on Vertigo, but not only won 12 in a row to force a third map, but won it as well.

In the finals, ENCE looked to snatch a Dust2 pick away from Entropiq, as they led “15-7” but an old story happened again, as CIS team came back against them on the map, taking it “19-16”. Despite that stunner, Finnish organisation still won Ancient, “16-13”, but the third map on Vertigo was all Entropiq in the second half, as the narrow lead on offence turned into a lockdown defence for a “16-9” and a “2-1” set win.

CIS team has secured 24000 dollars for their efforts and will now prepare for their ESL Pro League Season 14 start in group D, while ENCE Esports did net themselves a 8000 dollars check and can start getting ready for the EPL S14 playoffs.