Entropiq, VP make Major, IEM Fall CIS reaches playoffs

Five teams to represent CIS are all known now.

Final day of the group stage.

As Natus Vincere, Gambit Esports and Team Spirit have guaranteed themselves slots at PGL Major Stockholm 2021, there was still a lot left to play for at IEM Fall CIS.

NAVI ended up going undefeated in group A, as they opened the day with a “16-10” over Team Spirit on Mirage. Spirit, unexpectedly for the most, ended up in tiebreakers with Entropiq and Nemiga Gaming, as the latter crushed the former on Nuke with nine rounds in a row to close out the map, “16-10”. First round of the overtime tiebreakers did not result in a solution, but the second was all about Entropiq, as they’ve beaten both Spirit and Nemiga on Overpass to reach playoffs and guarantee themselves their first Major spot, with Team Spirit being placed into a fifth place match. Gambit Esports, Virtus.pro and INDE IRAE won their games in group B as well, but this time tiebreakers were resolved very quickly. Gambit Esports went perfect “8-0” over both VP and INDE IRAE on their favourite Vertigo to finish first, while VP lost the first two rounds but then won four more over the underdogs, advancing to PGL Major Stockholm.

Spirit and INDE IRAE will play for the fifth place tomorrow, while Natus Vincere are going to clash with Virtus.pro and Gambit Esports will face Entropiq for the spots in the grand finals.