EPL Season 15 moved to Germany

ESL revealed the details of Pro League Season 15.

ESL Pro League Season 15 is coming closer, and tournament organizers have given some information on the tournament.

ESL Pro League to take place on LAN
ESL Pro League to take place on LAN

ESL Pro League Season 15 starts on March 9th and will be held on LAN. The event was meant to be conducted in Malta but was moved to Germany as it is TO’s home country. There is no information on the precise location of the tournament.

24 teams to take part in the event. The tournament starts from the group stage. Every group features six teams, the format is round-robin. The three best teams enter a single-elimination playoff with the BO5 Grand final. The end of the event is scheduled for April 10th. The current champions of EPL are Natus Vincere.