EPL Season 15 team list is finalized

The final spots were decided.

The last teams to take part in ESL Pro League Season 15 were invited to the event based on their World Ranking.

NaVi are the current champions of ESL Pro League 
NaVi are the current champions of ESL Pro League 

The last teams to be invited were Gambit, Heroic, Entropiq, and Virtus.pro. They weren’t taking part in qualifications but their position let them take part in the first league of the next season.

Previously tier-2 teams were fighting for the spots at ESL Pro League Conference and ESEA Premier Regional Leagues. These teams are GODSENT, Movistar Riders, Extra Salt, Party Astrounats, AGO, LookingForOrg. It will be a chance for them to shine at the tier-1 tournament.

The other teams invited are partnering ESL: NaVi, Liquid, Evil Geniuses, Complexity, Vitality, G2, NIP, Astralis, FaZe, FURIA, BIG, fnatic, ENCE, and MOUZ. 4 of these teams still don’t have the finalized roster.

ESL Pro League Season 15 starts on March 9th and will last for a month.