ESIC bans "HUNDEN" for two years as ex-coach leaves CS:GO

ESIC bans "HUNDEN" for two years as ex-coach leaves CS:GO

One of the biggest dramas this season

Scandal which keeps getting worse.

ESIC has announced that “HUNDEN” is going to be banned for two years for sharing Heroic’s stratbook with one of Astralis employees before IEM Cologne 2021. However, it was concluded, as that stratbook wasn’t accessed by Astralis, which made the ban itself a very questionable decision.

Part of the community has accused ESIC of questionable measures, as demo reviews, VODs and replays would show anything Heroic could do in preparation for the event anyway, and if the stratbook with some cheesy ideas was not accessed, then there would be no confidential information anyway. Another part, understandably so, focuses more on the morales and the idea of sharing confidential information itself.

Either way, “HUNDEN” gave a massive interview on the Danish TV, where he accused both Heroic and ESIC on portraying him in a bad light, Heroic are getting ready to go to Danish courts to defend themselves and Astralis lost their potential head coach, as “HUNDEN” is preparing to transition out of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive entirely after the ban announcement, second in less than a year after a coaching bug investigation.