ESIC Removed the Ban From nzakk

The 9z coach will be able to perform his duties again.

ESIC banned three coaches whose teams were supposed to play at the event before the PGL Major Antwerp 2022. One of them was 9z coach Rafael "zakk" Fernandez, who used 1.5 times the so-called coaching bug. However, today it became known that zakk will soon return and start working with the team again.

ESIC announced that they had lifted the ban from the coach of 9z. Accordingly, the authorities concluded that the suspension was unnecessary after talking to zakk and getting more information.

ESIC also lifted the ban on Luiz peacemaker Tode after receiving more information from the coach and his defenders in May.

The only one of the three coaches banned before the PGL Major Antwerp and still suspended from tournaments is Sergey hally Shavaev. The coach of Spirit used a bug in one round, which is why he was suspended. However, his team will soon start playing at IEM Cologne, and it is still unclear if the coach will participate in the matches with his team.