ESL Challenger Anaheim goes online

ESL couldn’t conduct LAN in North America.

ESL reported that it was impossible to conduct ESL Challenger Anaheim on LAN in North America, and the tournament was moved to Europe to be played online.

ESL has changed the location of their tournament
ESL has changed the location of their tournament

The main reason for moving is the cancellation of Dreamhack Anaheim Festival, which was meant to be held in December. ESL Challenger Anaheim will be conducted in Europe and will go international. The teams not from Europe will be provided with accommodation and bootcamp locations. It is important because there were 4 teams invited so far, and three of them are from North and South America.

It is a shame that the first LAN of the year is going online, but we are still waiting for the first big event in 2022 – IEM Katowice to be held on LAN.

ESL Challenger Anaheim starts on February 11th. List of the participants so far: DBL PONEY, 9z, Extra Salt, ORDER. The prize pool is $100,000.