ESL Challenger February 2022 group stage ends

Group stage finished with unexpected results.

ESL Challenger February ends today, and the group stage has already come to a close, bringing the playoff bracket. is the only non-American team to enter playoff is the only non-American team to enter playoff

The results of the ESL Challenger February group stage had come as a surprise because there are no European teams in the playoff. However, all the American teams successfully finished the first stage of the tournament. All in all,, FURIA, Complexity, and 9z. and FURIA managed to advance to the playoff without any defeats, while 9z and Complexity had lost only once.

Today, the event ends, and the three last matches will decide the champion. are going to face Complexity, while FURIA are preparing to fight 9z. The format is single-elimination, and there is no room for mistakes.