Stage is set for ESL Pro League Season 14

Stage is set for ESL Pro League Season 14

Season 2021 is almost back

ESL Pro League Season 14 is going to be the first big tournament after the player’s break.

24 teams, mix of partners, highly ranked teams and squads, who grinded their way through the qualifiers, will be split into four groups of six. Twelve best will progress to the playoffs, where single elimination bracket is going to crown a new champion - shortly after a monstrous Heroic championship in season 13, capped with cadiaN’s legendary 1v4 against Gambit Esports.

The reigning champions were placed in Group A, where Heroic will look to return to form. Danish counterparts, Astralis and uprising Team Vitality with ZywOo headlining the show look to spoil the party, while Team Spirit, ENCE Esports and Bad News Bears can all surprise on a given day.

World number one, Natus Vincere, got into a monstrous group C, where all six squads look to prove themselves despite all the accolades. FaZe Clan showed their LAN form, but have not looked decent online, BIG made a roster change, Evil Geniuses had another few weeks to rebuild their structure and Fnatic will field a completely different lineup from what it was before. In those conditions, Flashpoint 3 winners from mousesports look to be the safest bet to advance, but time will tell.

Group B is expected to be won by G2 Esports, but other teams are not going to give up without putting up a fight. enter key stretch, where they’ll need to be at 100% to qualify for both ESL Pro League playoffs and PGL Major Stockholm, while Complexity Gaming have underperformed but with addition of es3tag look to bounce back. OG were one of the sleeper picks for IEM Cologne 2021, but fell to Renegades in play-in - same Australian team they’re going to be facing in this group. Last but not least, oskar’s Sinners will become the first Czech team to enter the biggest stage in history of CS:GO.

Gambit Esports lost their grip of number one spot in ranking, but sh1ro’s crew is still a heavy favourite to win group D. Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team Liquid and FURIA Esports will try and figure out what works for them, battling for the playoffs seeds, while TeamOne and Entropiq look to be on the outside looking in, until everyone gets into the server.

ESL Pro League Season 14 will kickstart second half of the season and you simply can not miss it.