ISSAA joins woxic lineup, online as Eternal Fire

ISSAA joins woxic lineup, online as Eternal Fire

New team is finally announced

Turkish super team is finally online.

In an unexpected turn of events, “woxic” led lineup decided to sign with Eternal Fire, their own player created organisation, moving past the offers from Sangal Esports and Galatarasay Espor. That marks a new landmark in history of Turkish esports, which is filled with football clubs and rich teams, especially in Riot Games titles such as League of Legends, VALORANT and Wild Rift.

Last but not least, the fifth player was announced to be “ISSAA”, long rumoured with switching to VALORANT. Ex-OG star played with “woxic” on HellRaisers at peak of its power and will join the likes of “XANTARES”, “imoRR” and “Calyx” at rifling, while “woxic” is going to play with AWP. 

It remains to be seen what their first tournament is going to be, but one thing is for sure - Eternal Fire will not lack the invites to the lesser events, grinding their way up the rankings and to the big stage.