Eternal Fire annihilate Renegades; G2 overcome Spirit

The second round has started.

The second round of the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Challengers Stage has begun, and the first two matches have ended.

The first match was the confrontation between Eternal Fire and Renegades. Both teams lost their first matches.

The teams chose Vertigo and Renegades could not show their best game. Eternal Fire started and finished the game with their domination, winning the match with a score of 16-2. Xf0ud scored KD 23-8 and ADR 138.

G2 go to 2-0
G2 go to 2-0

The second match was the clash of G2 and Spirit. Both teams had 1-0 stats.

Spirit failed to seize the advantage at the start of this Dust 2 and lost the first half with 11-4. However, after the sides switched, G2 already lost control of the game, and the map was transferred into overtime. But the first series of additional rounds determined the winner, the match ended 19-17 in favor of G2. The best player of the match was huNter-, who finished the map with KD 30-22 and ADR 85.

Eternal Fire returns after 0-1, G2 is a step away from the Legend stage. At the same time, Spirit fall to 1-1, and Renegades are one defeat away from relegation from the tournament.