Astralis and NiP qualify to PGL Major Stockholm 2021

Another day at the monster event.

Four rounds of group play are done.

All twenty four teams still had a chance to advance to the playoffs at IEM Fall Europe and keep their chances of staying in Stockholm until the PGL Major.

Copenhagen Flames stayed perfect in group A, as this time they trounced mousesports on Nuke, “16-8”, booking their slot in the quarterfinals and getting close to qualifying for the first Major for the organisation. BIG survived against AURA despite falling behind “13-14” on Mirage and won the map “16-14”, eliminating the Swedes, while G2 Esports made another step in the right direction, winning against FunPlus Phoenix on Inferno, “16-10”. Astralis have guaranteed themselves a yet another Major appearance, as they came back against Complexity Gaming on Nuke, “16-14”, Heroic won against Endpoint CeX on Ancient, “16-12”, while Movistar Riders made a major jump towards contention, as they have given Sinners Esports their first loss of the event, “16-13” on Vertigo.

Former Astralis superstar, “device” and his Ninjas in Pyjamas followed the Danish organisation to the hometown Major, as they won thirteen consecutive rounds against fnatic to win “16-7” after trailing “3-7” in the beginning of Nuke. SKADE suffered another close defeat, this time to FaZe Clan, “13-16” on Inferno, while Fiend got their second win in the group play against DBL PONEY, “16-5” on Inferno. Team Vitality lost their first game at the event, as ENCE Esports won Mirage “16-8”, while OG managed to tie both in the scoreboard with a win on Inferno over Dignitas, “16-10”. MAD Lions and Sprout, while both eliminated from the Major contention, still clashed against each other, as the young European mix prevailed on Ancient, “16-12”.

Round 5 will determine who advances to the playoffs and a last chance bracket, as the possibility of multiple tiebreaker games is still looming ahead.