mouz, BIG to PGL Major Stockholm 2021, OG are out of contention

Five teams, four spots.

Beginning of the playoffs.

Starting with a 9th-12th place bracket, four teams came to battle for points towards their qualification for PGL Major Stockholm 2021, as only Heroic have already guaranteed themselves a spot in Sweden later this fall.

The Danes started against BIG on Nuke, as the German team had a monster defence, limiting Heroic’ offence to only four rounds. After the switch, however, everything changed, as the entire map went into overtime, where BIG still prevailed, “19-17”. Moving to Vertigo, Heroic had a three round lead before the switch, but then BIG swept the second half for a “16-9” win and the “2-0” series victory to advance to a yet another Major for the organization. OG and FaZe Clan, both in need of big points, opened their set on Ancient, as FaZe Clan won both halves for a “16-10” win. Inferno looked to be the last map in the series, as FaZe led “14-5” in the second half, but eleven rounds in a row for OG allowed them to force a decider without even going to the overtime. Mirage, however, ended up going the way of FaZe Clan, as the international team won few clutches in the beginning and then cruised to a “16-4” win, keeping their chances of going to the Major alive.

With OG being eliminated but mousesports and BIG guaranteed to play in Sweden, there are only four spots left in play with FaZe Clan, Fiend, Copenhagen Flames, Movistar Riders and ENCE Esports having a chance to make it to PGL Major Stockholm 2021.