Extra Salt win ESEA Autumn 2021 Cash Cup 3

First title for the revamped lineup.

One more event for the best teams in North America.

ESEA Autumn 2021 Cash Cup 3 was hosted in North America as well, as ten teams entered the battle for its share of the fifteen thousand dollars prize pool.


Extra Salt ran over both Third Impact and ChocoCheck to advance to the semifinals, while Team One did the same on the other side of the bracket, losing only nine rounds combined to Northern Forces and Triumph. Extra Salt secured their own pick of Nuke against RBG, “16-9”, but the invited team fired back on Overpass, “16-14”. However, the favourite’s defence on Vertigo was more than enough to give their offence enough cushion for a “16-12” finish to a “2-1” set win. Team oNe Esports looked solid on Mirage, winning it “16-11”, but Party Astronauts equalized the score on Nuke, “16-12” and then won Inferno with the same “16-12” scoreline, advancing to the finals. Team One and RBG traded maps on Dust2, “16-7” and Overpass, “6-16”, before finishing with a double overtime blockbuster on Mirage, where the Brazilians won “22-20” to finish third at the event. Extra Salt opened the finals with a win on Overpass, “16-9”, but Party Astronauts once again forced a decider map, as they won Inferno, “22-19”. Nuke, however, did not provide any overtimes, as Extra Salt won the map “16-8”, the match, “2-1” and the entire tournament.

With Team One collecting two thousand dollars and Party Astronauts finishing with four, Extra Salt became the ESEA Autumn 2021 Cash Cup 3 champions, winning nine thousand dollars for themselves.