F0rest and friberg stay in Dignitas for 2022

Swedish veterans have extended their contracts with the organization.

Dignitas hasn’t changed their core since the rebirth of the team at the beginning of 2020. And they continue to do it that way.

Dignitas officially announced that Patrik "⁠f0rest⁠" Lindberg and Adam "⁠friberg⁠" Friberg are staying in the team for one more year. Both players joined the team just after the return of the organization to CS at the beginning of 2020.

f0rest will continue performing in 2022
f0rest will continue performing in 2022

Dignitas look like the last stop for both players as their age doesn’t allow them to perform in their prime shape. Friberg and f0rest are Major winners, but they weren’t able to earn any trophies in the past two years with Dignitas, and the team are used to failing even tier-2 tournaments.

The next event for Dignitas is Elisa Invitational Winter 2021 Main Swiss Stage.