Farlig leaves FunPlus Phoenix

The Danish AWPer has finally entered free agency.

FunPlus Phoenix have announced the leave of benched player.

Asger "⁠Farlig⁠" Jensen has reported that his contract with FunPlus Phoenix was terminated. The Danish AWPer is now open to offers. Farlig was benched nearly three months after the disaster at Pinnacle Fall Series 2, where FunPlus Phoenix took 9-12th.

Farlig is looking for new opportunities
Farlig is looking for new opportunities

The Danish AWPer spent nearly a year in the team and didn’t show satisfying statistics. FunPlus Phoenix failed to earn any decent achievements throughout a year, and the roster had been disbanded just after the benching of Farlig when FunPlus Phoenix weren't able to qualify for IEM Winter 2021.

Farlig reports that he is hungry for CS and ready for the new beginning.