FaZe Clan see off BIG, to "3-1" in EPL S14 Group C

FaZe Clan see off BIG, to "3-1" in EPL S14 Group C

Can still finish first or get eliminated before Ro12.

One more sweep to close out the day.

BIG looked to build on their victory over Natus Vincere yesterday, as the German team faced off against FaZe Clan, who suffered their first defeat to Fnatic in the same third round.

Dust2, however, started off with a convincing defence from FaZe Clan, as “broky” led the charge with his signature AWP. BIG switched from the offence with a five round deficit, but FaZe Clan did not let the comeback happen, as they secured the pistol round and then shattered BIG’s economy with a timely force buy victory for a “16-7”. Another good start, this time on Inferno, gave FaZe Clan an early lead, but the German team responded on their defence, changing sides with a narrow disadvantage, “7-8”. FaZe Clan, however, led by “olofmeister”, secured all four pistols in the match, as they closed the match, “16-9”, for a “2-0”.

FaZe Clan will clash with Natus Vincere in the fifth round, as the winner is going to be placed first, but they can still be eliminated with a loss. BIG, however, can still advance to the playoffs with a victory over mousesports, so that match between two German organisations might turn out to be the best of the day.