FaZe Clan Analyst About Boombl4: "In His Situation, You Need to Cling to Any Option to Return to a High Level of Play"

FaZe Clan analyst Vyacheslav Innersh1ne Britvin told about Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov's refusal to negotiate with G2 Esports. He shared this on his Telegram channel.

Suppose Boombl4 really had the opportunity to sign with G2, even theoretically (I doubt that the probability was very high). In that case, to refuse such an option in his situation is incredible stupidity. Most likely, he will no longer have good offers from tier-1/tier-2 teams. Of course, in his situation, it's strange that one must cling to any option to return to a high level of play and not twist one's nose from moving, taxes, and other things. No, you can not cling if you don't want to play competitive CS further.
Vyacheslav Innersh1ne Britvin

On August 2, Boombl4 talked about negotiations with the CEO of G2 Esports. You can read more about this in this material.