FaZe crush NaVi proceeding to semifinals of ESL Pro League

FaZe are going to the second title in a row.

The fourth day of ESL Pro League has come to a close, and the last quarterfinal ended.

FaZe faced NaVi. Previously, FaZe took down Players in the first round of the playoff, while NaVi proceeded to the quarterfinal directly from the group stage.

FaZe proceed to the semifinals
FaZe proceed to the semifinals

The first map of the standoff was Inferno, picked by FaZe. The European mix started their domination from the first half, finishing the T side 10-5. After the sides switched, NaVi tried to come back, but FaZe were unstoppable, and the map ended 16-11.

NaVi chose Dust 2 and collapsed on their pick. FaZe didn’t give any chance to the CIS team in the first half finishing it 11-4. NaVi returned to the game in the second half but didn’t manage to stop FaZe, losing the map 16-12.

FaZe advance to the semifinal to face FURIA, while NaVi leave the event with 5-8th.