FaZe destroy Heroic in IEM Katowice semifinal

FaZe take the spot in the grand final.

The second semifinal of IEM Katowice has been finished, and the grand final matchup has been set.

FaZe faced Heroic in the semifinal. Previously, FaZe destroyed Gambit, finishing the match 2-0.

FaZe take the spot in the grand final
FaZe take the spot in the grand final

FaZe picked Inferno and didn’t have problems with their performance in the first half. The European mix took an early advantage winning ten rounds on the T side. Heroic showed resistance after the sides switched, but FaZe quickly regained control finishing the map 16-11.

Heroic collapsed on their pick. The first half of Nuke turned out to be a disaster. FaZe didn’t give any space to Heroic, defending the sites. Heroic managed to win only five rounds. And in the second half, Heroic failed to return to the game from the first round and lost their pick 16-5.

FaZe advance to the grand final of IEM Katowice to face G2, while Heroic leave the event taking 3-4th alongside Natus Vincere.