FaZe knocked Vitality out from playoff contention at ESL Pro League

FaZe are still in the competition.

The fourth day in Group B at ESL Pro League Season 15 has come to a close, and another team have lost an opportunity to enter the playoff.

FaZe faced Vitality. Both teams had one victory and two defeats on their accounts.

FaZe take their second victory at ESL Pro League
FaZe take their second victory at ESL Pro League

FaZe picked Mirage and started the map with the domination. European mix didn’t give any space to Vitality on the T side, winning ten rounds out of 15. After the sides switched, Vitality tried to return to the game, but FaZe managed to finish the map 16-10.

Vitality chose Dust 2, and it was a disaster for the French team. FaZe didn’t give any chances to their opponents on the CT side. The first half ended 13-2 in favor of the European mix. After the sides, FaZe continued their domination. They won 3 rounds in a row and finished the second map 16-2.

FaZe stay in the competition, while Vitality lose their last chance to qualify for the playoff.