Felps: "Winning at a Major Would Be the Perfect Ending to My Career"

Inactive at GODSENT, Joao felps Vasconcellos explained his vision of why it is so essential for him to win the Major.

Winning a Major would be the perfect ending to my career. Of course, players like b1t would understand this motivation because he won the major on the first try, but for me, kNgV-, HEN1, LUCAS1, and other guys, this is a unique story. In the history of my career, I have had major victories. I've won ESL One Cologne and other titles, but none of that matters when there's no big trophy. Winning a Major is like winning twenty seasons of the ESL Pro League.
Joao felps Vasconcellos

Felps also confirmed that Fluxo is indeed one of the clubs he is negotiating with. Lucas lux Meneghini, Adriano WOOD7 Cerato, and Leonardo leomonster Enrique are also expected to join him.