The final five: players, who will be playing at their 16th Major in CS:GO

The CS:GO Major veterans.

The biggest stars.

With PGL Major Stockholm 2021 being the sixteenth Major in the history of CS:GO, it is time to look back and check on the biggest stars, who have played in the event in the past. And while the likes of “coldzera” leading in the rating department is incredible, the most insane statistic is that there are still players who have participated in every Major to date.


With ex-Natus Vincere and Gambit Esports captain “Zeus” retiring in 2019, shortly after the previous Major championship in Berlin, there are only five players left, who are keeping their streaks up. One of them is, of course, “shox”, the French superstar, who competed for the championships in CS:GO with the likes of VeryGames, Team LDLC, Titan, G2 Esports and now, Team Vitality. One of the staples of the French scene, “shox” has only won one Major but has a solid chance of making it two with his current lineup capable of taking anyone out on a given day. Another is the Swedish legend, “olofmeister”. From LGB Esports to become the best with three Major trophies in fnatic to FaZe Clan - while there is the flaming graffiti on Overpass, “olofmeister” might keep playing against all the odds. And, of course, the Danish trio with four Major championships in Astralis - the two-time Major MVP “device”, the clutch minister “Xyp9x” and the Swiss army knife “dupreeh”. The former will now try and hoist the trophy in Ninjas in Pyjamas, while the other two might go for the last title run together in Astralis, as “dupreeh” is yet to extend his contract with the organization.

Neither of them shows any sign of retirement, even if “olofmeister” had to take extended breaks in the past, so can definitely expect them to hit the “20” Majors played mark in the future!