Flamie comes back with 1WIN

Legendary CIS player returns to the pro scene.

Rumors have been confirmed – Egor “flamie” Vasiliev has found a new team to play for in 2022.

flamie will compete in 2022
flamie will compete in 2022

1WIN announced the signing of flamie. Legendary CIS player entered free agency in September 2021 and played for NaVi Junior for 4 months to get back in shape. Unfortunately, he didn’t show extraordinary performance while Valeriy “b1t” Vakhovskiy, who replaced him in NaVi main roster, was demonstrating unprecedented skill level.

However, flamie still had plans for his future, looking at the options. There was no way for him to join the EU or NA team as he was only speaking Russian for his whole career, and learning a new language was not an option. And there were no spots in the top CIS teams as they were reshuffling earlier or were keeping the roster. However, flamie got an invite to 1WIN as he was previously playing with Denis “deko” Zhukov and was familiar with him for a long time. It might be the best option for the CIS veteran because he can come back to the tier-1 with a comfortable team. And 1WIN is comfortable for him.