Fluxo Announced the Signing Of Zews And History

Fluxo Announced the Signing Of Zews And History

Fluxo ended the reshuffle with two new members.

Wilton zews Prado and Allan history Lawrenz moved to Fluxo.

The organization announced changes in its composition on Twitter. Zews replaced Willian Xamp Caldas, and history replaced Lucas lux Meneghini. Rumors about both signings have been circulating for a long time, and the team has finally confirmed them. Current Fluxo line-up:

  • Joao Phelps Vasconcellos
  • Lucas Lucaozy Neves
  • Vinicius vsm Moreira
  • Adriano WOOD7 Serato
  • Allan history Lawrenz
  • Wilton zews Prado (trainer)

Why Zews Is a Legendary Trainer?

The most important signing for Fluxo this season will likely be zews. Zews is more than just a good coach from Brazil. He is the best coach in Brazil in history. With zews in the coach role, the Brazilian team won two Majors and made a name.

Of course, we are talking about the Luminosity/SK Gaming team: the best team in the history of Brazilian Counter-Strike. Then zews coached the team of Gabriel FalleN Toledo, and under his leadership, the team won two Majors. Unfortunately, SK could not achieve the same result after zews left in 2016.

In addition, the coach has experience with North American teams. Zews managed to train Liquid and Evil Geniuses. Fluxo could not have found a better trainer on the market. Let's see if zews can repeat the success with this team.

Is the New Sniper a Panacea?

Fluxo performed as a solid South American tier-2 team in its first season. The team won qualifications and some tier-2 events, but the main problem was the missed Major. The open qualifier at IEM Rio Major 2022 was one of the few that Fluxo lost.

The problem was found in the team's sniper, and we can say that the club is correct. Lux didn't cope with his role. The player had an average rating of 5.7, which is very bad for a sniper.

Statistics of lux
Statistics of lux

At the same time, history from ARCTIC has long outgrown its team. The player is regularly at the top of the leaderboard and deserves to try himself in a solid tier-2 team and participate in larger tournaments, which ARCTIC cannot provide him. His average rating is 6.7, which is much better than lux's statistics.

History's statistics
History's statistics

It is worth mentioning that history is not the first candidate for signature in Fluxo. In this article, we discussed that the Brazilian team initially planned to sign Lucas nqz Suarez from 9z, but 00NATION managed to steal the player during the negotiations.

Therefore, the transfer cannot be called entirely successful, but Fluxo didn't spoil the composition with this replacement.

When Will Fluxo Play?

So far, the Brazilian team does not have a schedule for the upcoming season. However, we will likely see Fluxo in January at one of the regional tournaments.