fnatic Rising eliminate FURIA Academy at WePlay AL S2

A superior performance.

Another team has finished its season.

WePlay Academy League Season 2 continued with group B, as FURIA Academy and fnatic Rising played for a chance to stay alive at the event and not be eliminated in the group stage before the last chance bracket has even begun.

Starting on Vertigo, the Brazilian team looked in control, as they picked up a solid five round lead and added a pistol victory after that, but the European mix did not tap out. Getting a force buy win pushed them to a “12-11” lead, as teams traded rounds after that with fnatic Rising coming out on top, “16-14”. Looking to sweep the set on Overpass, fnatic Rising, however, got absolutely demolished on their offence, picking only three rounds before the break and their defence got instantly reset after winning a pistol round, as FURIA Academy equalized the score, “16-4”. Back and forth on Inferno with the Europeans only up by three rounds at halftime, the game looked to be turning after the Brazilian team got a force buy win at “8-11”. However, fnatic Rising responded in the very next round, taking the map “16-8” and the entire series, “2-1”.

FURIA Academy will now join Astralis Talent on the sidelines, while fnatic Rising will face a loser between mouz NXT and VP Prodigy to find out their starting spot in the last chance bracket for two spots at the LAN finals.