Fnatic overcome MOUZ at ESL Pro League

Fnatic take the third win.

ESL Pro League Season 15 continues, and the second match of day four has come to a close.

Fnatic faced MOUZ on day 4. Previously, MOUZ took down G2 and lost the other two matches, while fnatic lost only once to NIP.

fnatic take the third victory
fnatic take the third victory

MOUZ picked Nuke and showed confident performance on their pick. They won comfortable nine rounds on the T side and didn’t hesitate after the sides switched, finishing the game 16-9.

Fnatic decided to play their best map - Inferno. And they didn’t disappoint, winning nine rounds on the T side. The second half was a bit more competitive, but fnatic managed to quickly finish the game 16-10 and transfer the match on the decider.

The decider was Mirage. Fnatic dominated on the CT side, winning ten rounds, and MOUZ couldn’t recover from that. They didn’t manage to take a streak, and fnatic finished the decider 16-8.

Fnatic take the third win, entering the competition for the first place of Group A, while MOUZ add the third map to their account.