Fnatic suddenly knock G2 down in the opening round of group B

G2 start the event with a defeat.

Matches of group B continue, and they brought another surprise.

G2 faced fnatic on their debut at IEM Katowice 2022. Previously, fnatic had completed the Play-In stage with one defeat.

fnatic achieve their first win in the group stage
fnatic achieve their first win in the group stage

Fnatic picked Nuke, and G2 didn’t give them a single chance to win this map. G2 dominated the first half making it 13-2. And they finished the game as quickly as possible, winning the first map 16-2.

G2 chose Mirage, and it was fnatic’s turn to shine. The first half was a disaster for G2 as they weren’t able to win a series of rounds, making it only 5-10. Fnatic continued showing dominating performance after the sides switched, taking the map 16-7.

Inferno was left over, and suddenly fnatic continued destroying their opponents. The British team won 10 rounds on the T side, and it was a matter of time fnatic won the game. G2 tried to resist but couldn’t stop their opponents, losing the decider 16-11.

G2 are preparing to face Liquid in the lower bracket, while fnatic advance to the upper bracket semifinals to battle FaZe.