Fnatic win REPUBLEAGUE TIPOS Season 2

The new fnatic roster is on a win streak.

mezii was the MVP of the Grand final
mezii was the MVP of the Grand final

Fnatic continue to win. Previously team won Dreamhack Open November 2021 and now they are the champions of REPUBLEAGUE TIPOS Season 2 without any defeats.

In the Grand final fnatic faced Eternal Fire, who were on the 4 match win streak and looked unbeatable. But the British team managed to overcome difficulties and win the match. The first map of the clash was intense and it was the only map, which Eternal Fire won. The last two maps were absolutely dominated by fnatic and the match was finished with a score of 2-1.

It is the second tournament in a row won by fnatic and their current win streak is 12. Their next match will be at IEM Winter 2021 against Gambit