Forward Gaming Signs Dosia's and Mou's Team

The mou's team found the organization.

Last month, Rustem mou Telepov talked about getting the team together with Mikhail Dosia Stolyarov. Today Dosia spoke about the team in more detail.

Dosia returns to the stage
Dosia returns to the stage

In the show "We'll cut it out" with Alexei Pchelkin, Dosia spoke about the team.

There is no name yet, but we already have an organization. This is Forward Gaming, American. They had one of the strongest Dota rosters in 2018-2019, and our guys also played there.
Mikhail Dosia Stolyarov

Dosia confirmed that the role of IGL was taken over by mou. Mou previously revealed that they are testing three young players.