forZe take down Complexity to open EPL S14

forZe take down Complexity to open EPL S14

First win for CIS teams in group B

Closing the first round with a back and forth series.

Complexity Gaming, who have to play ESL Pro League Season 14 without “k0nfig”, who suffered a wrist injury, faced off against forZe, who got invited to the tournament after Renegades had to withdraw due to Australian travel restrictions.

Starting off on Mirage, forZe had nearly all the clutch rounds go their way, as they won both halves and secured the first map win, “16-12”. CIS team looked in control on Nuke as well, as they led “9-6” at the switch, but once Complexity Gaming got to their defence, there was not much for forZe to show, as “16-12” result got mirrored for another team.

Going to Ancient, it was all about CIS team from the very start, as they exploded with absurd twelve rounds on their offence and despite a valiant comeback effort by the North American organisation, it was a half buy which closed things out with “16-9”, “2-1” in favour of CIS team.

forZe will clash against VP tomorrow in a CIS derby, while Complexity Gaming will close the day once again, this time against Sinners Esports, who shocked the group with their win over G2 Esports in the first round.