forZe sweep G2, join OG and coL in EPL S14 playoffs

forZe sweep G2, join OG and coL in EPL S14 playoffs

One more sweep in the books.

One more disappointing result for the favourites.

G2 Esports, unable to pick up any victories in three rounds, had to go against forZe, who could guarantee themselves a playoffs spot at ESL Pro League Season 14, if they won the match against a reeling favourite.

Mirage, however, started out well for the European mix, as their defence pushed G2 to a five round lead at the half time. Shortly after the switch, however, the tide has turned, as French-Balkan mix’s offence could only obtain rounds in the B site and once forZe adapted, it was all done and dusted for a “16-14” victory, a fifteenth in a row for the CIS team on their Mirage. Moving to Nuke, G2 once again started strong, but managed to lose a “5v2” situation in the fourth round, which kickstarted forZe’s comeback. CIS squad ran rampant in the sites and closed the game after the break, “16-7” for a “2-0” sweep.

Now forZe will face off against Sinners Esports in the final round, where they can get to the second place in the group in case OG take down Complexity Gaming, while G2 Esports and will find out who is going to finish fifth or sixth in group B - not the result either of the teams expected to produce.