forZe shuffle lineup

Team's new lineup.

The expected changes.

forZe, one of the biggest CIS organizations, have missed PGL Major Stockholm 2021 due to a subpar performance during the IEM Fall CIS. That, combined with a lack of tournaments to play in, led to forZe shuffling their lineup before the next season.

The biggest star of the team, “FL1T”, long rumoured to join a more established lineup, might be replacing “SANJI” in, once the latter return from their trip to Sweden for the Major. The head coach “liTTle”, who has been with forZe for a long time as well, might be joining HellRaisers in their return to the CS:GO circuit, while “almazer”, one of the forZe’s staples for years, should have as many offers as possible for the player of his caliber. Replacing two of them will be “Norwi”, who played for VP Prodigy and Team Singularity this year, as well as the coach “Fierce”, who worked with the likes of Vega Squadron, Team Unique and Team Singularity during the last few seasons.

It remains to be seen, who else is going to be joining forZe, but with only “Jerry” being left from their original lineup, which broke into a top-15 in 2019, it is surely going to be a new era at the historied organization.