Nexus Gaming win 3E Romania Fragtales 2021

Nexus Gaming win 3E Romania Fragtales 2021

Still the top dog

Nexus Gaming solidified their spot at top of food chain in Romania

Nexus Gaming looked to be on a brink of breaking into a top echelon by the end of 2020, but few months of unimpressive form and “iM”’s departure to Gamerlegion dropped Nexus Gaming out of top-100 in nearly all the rankings.

Keeping only “BTN” and “XELLOW”, Nexus Gaming showcased that they are still the team to beat in Romania, however, as they won 3E Romania FragTales 2021 over their local rival, OneTap. Despite starting the series with a map disadvantage, Nexus Gaming quickly tied the score on Dust2 and regained the lead on Overpass, which went all thirty rounds.Down but not out, OneTap tried to make a late comeback on Inferno, but Nexus Gaming proved to be stronger for the second time this summer, securing one more domestic title and boosting their chances for a successful second half of the season.

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