FunPlus Phoenix leave CS:GO

Not the best outcome possible.

A relatively unsuccessful stint in the game.

Despite all their success in League of Legends, the Chinese-based organization FunPlus Phoenix seems to be struggling in some of the first-player shooters for now. 


While their VALORANT squad, which was ranked as the number one in Europe in the beginning of the season, is going through the rebuilding process, the CS:GO lineup was let go and the entire division was closed for the organization. As their first entrance to CS:GO was messed up, as FPX decided to not sign the Heroic lineup, which became the best team in the world shortly after, the GODSENT mix signing looked promising. The team was a top-15 staple, had a solid chance of debuting at the Majors, but without constant practice and not having the licenses to play in either BLAST Premier circuit of ESL Pro League, the season has quickly derailed for the talented team.

It remains to be seen if the ex-FunPlus Phoenix lineup is going to stick together with the reports of “Farlig” being looked at by Astralis, but with PGL Major Stockholm 2021 finishing this week, the news should not take long to develop and shed light on the players' future.