FURIA and paiN to face each other in Blast Showdown final

Two teams are left at the event.

The semifinals of Blast Premier Spring Showdown 2022 NA have come to a close, and the teams to fight for the spot in Blast Spring Final have been decided.

FURIA faced GODSENT in the first semifinal of the day.

The match started with Overpass and FURIA’s domination. GODSENT couldn’t secure the advantage on their pick and lost the first half 12-3. FURIA didn’t hesitate after the sides switched and finished the first map 16-7.

FURIA advance to the Blast Premier Spring Showdown final
FURIA advance to the Blast Premier Spring Showdown final

FURIA picked Nuke and seized an early advantage, winning nine rounds on the T side. GODSENT tried to resist, but FURIA were unstoppable, and the map ended 16-11.

FURIA advance to the final of Blast Showdown NA, while GODSENT leave the event taking 3-4th.

Secondly, paiN faced MIBR.

PaiN picked Vertigo and destroyed their opponents in the first half of the map. PaiN got ten rounds on the T side and didn’t stop after the sides switched. The map ended 16-10 in favor of the Brazilian team.

MIBR chose Dust 2, and the first half was competitive and ended 7-8 in favor of paiN. However, PaiN didn’t give any chance to their opponents in the second half finishing the map 16-9.

PaiN are preparing to face FURIA in the final, while MIBR take 3-4th at the tournament.