FURIA sweep GODSENT, win IEM Fall NA

Another championship trophy.

The grand finals of the event.

Despite that matchup having no impact on the regional standings in the NA RMR, FURIA Esports and GODSENT clashed for a chance to win IEM Fall North America before starting to prepare for PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

Two Brazilian teams started the series on Mirage, where FURIA opened the set with a furious offense, picking up a seven rounds lead at halftime before closing it out on the defence, “16-6”. Moving to Inferno, GODSENT looked to equalize the score, as they not only led “9-6” after their offence, but added the first three rounds on the defensive side of the map. FURIA Esports, however, were not deterred by that, as they picked up ten out of the last twelve rounds, winning the map in regulation, “16-14”. Moving to Nuke, it was once again all about FURIA’s offence, which pushed the pace for ten rounds at the break, which was more than enough for their defence to finish the job, “16-8”, winning the entire series, “3-0”.

With that championship, FURIA Esports will start in the “Legends” stage at PGL Major Stockholm, as well as Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid, while GODSENT will be playing in the first round of Swiss in Sweden.