G2 advance to the Legends; 9z leave PGL Major Antwerp 2022

The second day of the Challengers Stage ended.

The second day of the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Challengers Stage has come to an end, and another team has entered the Legends stage.

In the battle for survival Liquid faced 9z.

The match started at the peak of Liquid - Ancient. The first half turned out to be close and ended with a score of 8-7 in favor of 9z. However, after the sides switched, Liquid seized the advantage and won the map 16-11. On the choice of 9z, the situation was exactly the same and Liquid finished the map 16-11. ELiGE was the best player of the match with a 6.9 rating. 

G2 advance to the Legends Stage
G2 advance to the Legends Stage

The last match of the day was the confrontation between G2 and ENCE. They were fighting for the spot in the Legends stage.

G2 picked Dust 2 and in the first half showed a high level of performance, and after changing sides finished the map 16-7. ENCE chose Ancient and this ,ap turned out to be the most stressful. Both halves ended with the score 8-7, and the game was transferred into overtime. However, one series was enough to determine the winner - ENCE won the map 19-16. The decider was Mirage. The first half was very close again, but after the sides switched, G2 were a cut above and won the map 16-9. NiKo showed a 7.1 rating. 

G2 advance to the Legends Stage, 9z leave the event. At the same time, ENCE drops to 2-1, and Liquid survives with 1-2.