G2 and ENCE picked up first victories at IEM Dallas

IEM Dallas has started.

The Group A matches at IEM Dallas started, and the two teams earned their first wins.

The G2 vs Movistar Riders match ended first.

Nuke started with the total domination of G2. The European mix won 14 rounds on the CT side before the sides switched. Movistar Riders tried to get back into the game, but could not stop G2 and lost the match 16-5. The best player of the match was NiKo with a rating of 8.5.

G2 start the event with a victory
G2 start the event with a victory

In another match MOUZ faced ENCE.

Nuke was picked again and ENCE seized the advantage in the first half of the match, winning 9 rounds on the T side. In the second half, the team did not let go of the game and finished the match 16-9.

G2 and ENCE will face each other in the upper semi-finals of Group A, while MOUZ and Movistar Riders fall into the lower bracket.