G2 and forZe win first matches at PGL Major Antwerp 2022

The second pair of matches ended quickly.

The first day of PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Challengers stage continues, and two more matches have ended.

In the first match of the second pair, G2 encountered Liquid.

The teams decided to play Inferno and G2 started with domination in the first half. European mix showed their best game and won 13 rounds on the CT side. Liquid tried to get back into the game, but these attempts were quickly stopped, and G2 won the match 16-6. The best player of the match was hunter-, who finished the game with KD 21-10 and ADR 97.

forZe achieve their first victory
forZe achieve their first victory

The second confrontation was the forZe vs Renegades match.

The teams chose Nuke and it was a mistake on the part of the Renegades. ForZe felt confident in the first half and won 13 on the CT side. Renegades were able to resist after the sides switched, but forZe coped with it and finished the match 16-9. KENSI scored the best statistics with KD 26-12 and ADR 97.

ForZe and G2 go to 1-0, and Renegades and Liquid are sent to 0-1.