G2 beat FURIA to enter lower bracket final

The last American team have left the tournament.

The last lower semifinal of group B at IEM Katowice and another American team have left the tournament.

G2 faced FURIA, who had lost their previous match against NaVi. G2 started the tournament with a defeat and won their first match in the lower bracket.

G2 continue to win
G2 continue to win

FURIA picked Nuke and showed decent performance on the T side. However, they’d lost control after the sides switched and weren’t able to regain it, losing their pick 16-13.

G2 chose Mirage and weren’t confident in the first half. And it turned out to be deciding moment as the second half was close. FURIA won the opponents’ pick 16-13.

Inferno was the deciding map. G2 seized an early advantage and continued their domination in the second half. FURIA tried to return to the game, but G2 quickly regained control finishing the map 16-10.

G2 advance to the lower final of group B to face Astralis, while FURIA leave the event.