G2 destroy Virtus.pro in first quarterfinal of IEM Katowice

The first match of the playoff has ended.

The playoff of IEM Katowice 2022 has begun, and the first match has decided the team to leave the tournament.

In the first standoff of the day, Virtus.pro faced G2. Previously, they took second and third place in their groups, relatively.

G2 are preparing to face NaVi
G2 are preparing to face NaVi

G2 picked Mirage and Virtus.pro seized the advantage on the CT side. However, G2 managed to come back transferring the game into long overtime. The first two series of overtime didn’t decide the winner, but G2 managed to take the victory in the third series, finishing the map 25-22.

Virtus.pro decided to play Ancient and collapsed on their pick. G2 didn’t give any space to the CIS team in the first half, winning 12 rounds out of 15. Virtus.pro won the pistol round and tried to come back, but the European mix were unstoppable, and the map ended 16-5.

G2 advance to the semifinal of IEM Katowice to face NaVi, while Virtus.pro leave the event.